Hi there! Welcome to my portfolio page.

About Me

I am a backend developer and and work on network Security too . I build web applications using PHP(Codeigniter),SQL,Mongo and Django.

I love making python scripts which everyone can use for there everyday automation.I love contributing to opensource. When I'm not coding, I enjoy spending my time playing table tennis,playing ukulele & finding security bugs and vulnerabilities.


Some of the significant aptitudes which will assist me with achieving your objectives.

















Vulnerability Assessment


Work Experience

Chapter Vitamins, Gurgaon August 2018 - Present

Software Engineer
Appointed as a bank-end developer. My core responsibilities include providing a complete band end base with cooperation with the front-end RESTful API for the learning management system using PHP Codeigniter,SQL,mongo and python scripts for automation.

As a back-end developer my other work revolves around creating RESTful API's, reports, dashboards using highcharts.js,ensuring secure code clean from basic security vulnerability

Technology Stack: Codeigniter(PHP), MySQL, MongoDB, Python,Bash Script Apart from develpment and network security,my job is too write short bash or python scripts to automate the repetetive tasks and save everyone's effort.


CTF Writeups

I write blogs about Infosec on medium and github mostly CTF writeups.


Product Value Estimator

Made a web application The Product Value Estimator aims to provide you to provide the refurbished cost of different machines which degrade after years taking different input categories like year and model from user. Role: To make complete front-end Input Year-Model Selector application for the end user and MySQL DB for fetching the data as per the user's selected categories
Technologies Used: PHP,HTML, css , bootstrap, MySQL ,Jquery,AJAX.

Custom URL Shortener

This project aims to take a long url as the parameters and maps it into mongoDB and returns a corresponding short url for it. And once the short url is generated and reloaded,it redirects it again to the corresponding long url Vice Versa.
Technologies Used: PHP,HTML, CSS , Bootstrap, MongoDB ,Jquery.

NITH Result Scraper

The project scrapes the results of students of all batches and all branches for last 8 years.It automatically inputs the student roll no and then makes a post request and once the response is returned back,it writes the returned html into a separated file under the corresponding year and branch.
Technologies Used: Python, Beautiful Soup4, Requests module


If you want to collaborate on my projects on github or if you have a good idea in mind then don't hesitate pinging me at anwarali377@gmail.com